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All Are Called But Few Are Chosen !

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Psalm 71:7-8

"My life is an example too many, because you have been my

strength and protection.

That is why I can never stop praising you; I declare your

glory all day long." (NLT)


   Minister  Akaiha is an anointed, appointed, and dynamic deliverer of the Word of God.  She is the eldest child of three born to the late  Mr. Henry Rudolph Duke,"who always said read the bible for yourself,  so you’re not confused by the mysterious nay sayers". He was my first bible teacher, and he knew the bible backwards and forward, which explained his awe-inspiring character. We came from a long line of what we call, mental giant pastors.  Its runs in the blood. Also, the late Mrs. Annette Duke (Queen), who would bring the audience to their feet and the whole church would say, amen. Not only could she sing, she was an activist who preached about love and  self- preservation. She formed  a  local chapter of Save Our Children. Always reminded me that we come long way, but we still have along way to go.  As a schoolteacher, she taught me to pray and to always hold on to Jesus`s unchanging hand !

  Minister Akaiha has been called by God to teach and preach the life changing word of God.   She often states, "That church is an emergency room for the sick and lost people of God.” and that God is the doctor.

  Beginning at a very early age, while living in San Antonio, Texas, where I was born and raised I was taught from her wonderful parents who instilled in me the importance of God, family and education.  Later moving to Evanston, Illinois, where we became members of Springfield Missionary Baptist Church and at the same time, I was attending private Catholic school.   Can you image how strange and confusing this was for a young child to witness Monday through Friday?  God was being honored in a soft quite atmosphere. But on Sunday, the Saints knew if they didn’t shouted out God’s praises that the rocks would cry out.  They knew that through music, song and the Word of God.  That would definitely set the captives free.  What a joyful time !

    Finding my new church home at Trinity Union Church of Christ in Chicago Illionois 1996. Began MIT training under the under Shepardship of the most powerful and controversial pastor in American. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright.  Who is an awesome man of God, filled with the Holy Spirit definitely.  Yes, a mental giant indeed. When he preached or told you a story about a hot day you were wiping the sweat from your brow. Where we studied the Bible and understood we were unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian. Where I sat seats from our 1st African American President Barack Obama.  What a mighty God we serve! God has carried me through so many of life’s challenges, but far more blessings than I could ever count. Thank you Lord!


     Then I studied under the under Shepardship of Pastor Dr.  Arnold Murray at Shepherds Chapel.   For many years, where I was taught to study chapter and verse of the Bible.   "And not to be mislead by the false one, who comes 1st and our job is to plant seeds; that tradition of man makes void the word of God".

    Living in the USA and Africa spreading the word of God.   Becoming an ordained minister 2013.   Now, my quest is to teach God's Word, book and verse. When I look back over my life, God was always there preparing me for this moment and time. And since he’s changed me, there is no doubt in my mind that God will change you, if you’re willing. I pray you will walk with me, and study God's amazing word.  Now, I have some shocking revelation to reveal to you.   I pray God has opened eyes and ears for this purpose.

Please listen live on the Sabbath (Saturday) at The Real Deal Bible Study where you can call in 3 :00pm Central Standard Time.   And chat live with Minister Akaiha 646-478-3188 or follow me on twitter @Akaiha Diagne.   Facebook Akaiha Diagne Minister.   Thank you and remember wherever you go take care and God with you.  I pray God will continue to bless you so you may be a blessing to others.